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Flying Pig Hostels Netherlands
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Anyone who appreciates the cultural side of life can enjoy a wide variety of museums in and around Noordwijk. From the world famous top collection at the Naturalis Museum, to a wander through the Human body at the Corpus Museum.

Naturalis in Leiden Naturalis
Naturalis (National Museum of Natural History) offers a museum filled with nature. Among fossils going back millions of years are two dinosaurs, a 9-meter long mosasaurus, an old horse and a mammoth. The displayed animals of prey, butterflies, beetles, fish, birds, plants, minerals and stones expose the unbelievable diverseness of nature. In the “'Kijkje Aarde” (A Look at Earth) activeness expo, youngsters learn by games to understand how nature works. An extraordinary treasure room contains precious gems, and uncommon creatures unveil the mysteries of evolution. For those who expect to experience even more about nature, there's the Nature Information Middle.

Darwinweg 2
2300 RA Leiden
Tel+31 (0)71-568 76 00

  • Tu - Fri, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Sat - Sun, school holidays and public holidays, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Mon, 1 Jan, 30 Apr, 25 Dec.


  • Adults.: € 9.00
  • 4-12 yrs.: € 5.00  
  • 13-17 yrs.: € 6.00
  • MK/ICOM valid
Hortus Botanicus Leiden
The Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens (Hortus botanicus) have represented the field of study of the University of Leiden since 1590. The Clusius Garden, called after founding father Carolus Clusius, is a copy of the first grounds. Four centuries of compiling specemins, patience, and analysis have created an impressive garden with a wide variety of foreign and obscure flora. The extraordinary gardens and nurseries, including the Japanese Gardens and the Victorian glasshouse, is worth a visit.

Hortus botanicus Leiden
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Tel:               +31 (0)71-527 72 49


  • Apr - Oct: Mon - Sun, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Nov - March: Mon - Fri and Sun, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

3 Oct, 25 Dec until 1 Jan.


  • € 5
  • 4-12 yrs./ CJP.: € 2,50;
  • 65+.: € 3
  • MK/ICOM valid.


Space expo in Noordwijk Noordwijk Space Expo
Hostel backpackers staying at The Flying Pig Beach Hostel simply must pay a visit to Noordwijk Space Expo; Europe’s first major space exhibition and the technical home of the European Space Agency, ESA.

Noordwijk Space Expo is contained inside one large hanger, half of which is devoted to the European space agency, ESA, while the remainder of the exhibition concentrates on all the major global events that have helped shape the history of modern day space exploration.  All the major achievements and disasters are chronicled, right from the first Russian satellite fired into space to the NASA moon landings and the conception of the European space agency, ESA.  The exhibition also includes the simulated launch of an Ariane rocket, a life sized mock up of a NASA Lunar Lander, the Columbus shuttle, and the International Space Station.  

Set aside at least three hours for your visit to Noordwijk Space Expo, and make sure you stop by the ESA Café to swig strong coffee and devour large pieces of apple pie served at the astronaut’s dinning table. 

The European Space Agency, ESA, and the Noordwijk Space Expo exhibition are located on the edge of Noordwijk; only a short 5 minute bus journey from the front door of The Flying Pig Beach Hostel. 

Address: Space Expo
Keplerlaan 3, 2201 AZ Noordwijk
tel: + 31 71 3646 446        

Opening hours:

  • Tu – Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Mon, During school holidays only


  • Adults.: € 9.00
  • 4-12 yrs.: € 6,00.
  • Space Train (not for children under 9 years)  €3,00 per person extra.
Atlantic Wall
Atlantikwall museum
The Atlantikwall Museum is an astonishing system of underground military bunkers and tunnels that were built under the Noordwijk sand dunes by German troops occupying the town in WWII.  Similar bunkers and tunnel systems were built along the western coastline of Europe; stretching from the French-Spanish border and up into Norway, acting as a barrier against an anticipated allied invasion.  This protective wall was never totally completed, and only a few bunkers have survived into the 21st century… one of which happens to be in Noordwijk.

After The Netherlands were invaded in 1940, the people suffered 5 years of Nazi-occupation.  The town of Noordwijk held an important strategic position, sandwiched between Germany and the North Sea, and even when much of Western Europe had been liberated from Nazi control, Holland remained under German control until May of 1945, when it was finally liberated by American and Canadian troops. After the end of the war in 1945 the bunkers became a playground for local children and were eventually locked up for safety reasons.  It seems the bunkers were rather forgotten about for a time, but in 2004, and after a period of restoration, parts of the Atlantikwall bunker system have been opened up to the public.   

There are two main parts to the Atlantikwall Museum in Noordwijk.  The first is a museum which sits inside a former ammunition bunker, while the second part of the museum is a tour around the observational bunkers, canon bunkers, and the maze like tunnel system.  The main bunker is a huge expanse of concrete, with gun rooms, sleeping quarters, and observational decks that seem to sprout out in every direction.  The main tunnel runs underground for at least half a mile, with sub tunnels that develop into large rooms and bunkers every few hundred feet.  Some of the tunnels have been crushed under the severe weight of the sand above, but the majority of the structure has been restored, and to this day restoration work is continuing to repair more bunkers and tunnels a few hundred metres up the coast. 

The sheer scale of the bunker system is as startling as it is unnatural – there is a rather eerie feeling in the bunkers; surrounded by the 3m thick bomb proof walls, mesh grenade nets, canon positions, and observation decks.  But despite the heavy subject matter the fact is that a visit to the Atlantikwall Museum is a truly educational experience and a ‘must see’ for anyone staying at The Flying Pig Beach Hostel. The Museumbunker at Bosweg 15 is a 2 minute walk from The Flying Pig Beach Hostel.


  • 2nd May - 19th September
  • Sundays only
  • 10.00am - 5.00pm

Admission: for both visits.

  • Adults.: €5.00
  • Children (under 12yrs).: €3.00

A visit at the bunkers (untill 29th of August) in the nearby Northern dunes is not possible without reservation, however and this can be arranged via Infocenter Noordwijk.

phone :  31 71 36 193 21

Infocenter Open:

  • Mo - Fr: 09.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 17.30 hrs
  • Sa: 10.00 - 14.00 hrs
  • Su: (April till Sept.) 10.00 - 14.00 hrs
Noordwijk Museum Noordwijk Museum
The Museum Noordwijk is situated in the centre of town, just a short 2 minute walk from the Flying Pig Beach Hostel. The museum charts the history of the local area through a diverse exhibition of art, photography, and memorabilia - some of which dates back to the 1800’s. So set aside at least 2 hours and take a fascinating stroll back in time, inside the world renowned Museum Noordwijk!
The museum building is actually a terraced house that was built in 1625. Throughout 1986 and 1987 the house was restored, and in 1994 the Museum Noordwijk opened its doors to visitors for the first time. The Museum is run entirely by volunteers from the Society of Noordwijk, and a number of the exhibits on display have been lent to the Museum Noordwijk by these god-like pillars of the local community.

The ground floor of the museum replicates three scenes from Dutch family life that would have been commonplace over 100 years ago. A traditional Dutch kitchen, living room, and stable are depicted with actual paraphernalia from the 1800’s making the scenes as lifelike as possible. You’ll find plenty of farming tools and utensils on show that were once used for flower cultivation in the Bollenstreek; the famous bulb growing region in The Netherlands, of which Noordwijk is a major part of.

At the rear of the house, a large modern art gallery contains a collection of designs and paintings by the famous Dutch artist Leon Senf. You’ll also find hundreds of enlarged photographs that capture some of the most important moments in the towns history; from the Nazi occupation, to the reconstruction of the beautiful Noordwijk promenade.

So why not enhance your visit to The Flying Pig Beach Hostel by absorbing a little local history at the Museum Noordwijk!

Museum Noordwijk

Jan Kroonsplein 4, 2202 JC Noordwijk ZH

phone:+31(0) 71 36 178 84


Admission :

  • Adults
  • Children
windmill museum Leiden
De Valk windmill museum
There were at one time 19 windmills built up in the city palisades of Leiden, but only De Valk is still remaining firm nowadays. The existing mill has had 2 predecessors. In 1611, the post mill 'De Valk' rested on the Valkenburger wall, and this later made room for a wooden tower mill in 1667.

In 1743, the city council acquired permit for the building of an yet bigger tower mill, this time constructed of stone. This embodies the actual 29-metre tall mill known as 'De Valk', the physical structure, of which it is claimed, took only 3 months to establish.

The mill utilised no less than 4 millstones which allowed for substantial capability. As a result of the depopulation from Leiden and the innovation of motorized moiling equipment, the mills found themselves in an more and more threatened position at the last of the nineteenth century while many another were demolished. De Valk, nevertheless, was retained to make flour till well into the twentieth century, although this wasn't powered from wind during the last years.

The Municipal Windmill Museum "De Valk"
2e Binnenvestgracht 1, Leiden
phone: +31 (0)71-516 53 53


  • Tues - Sat, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Sun and public holidays, 1 - 5:00 p.m.

Mon, 1st Jan, 2nd 3rd Oct and 25th Dec.


  • Adults.: € 3.00
  • Children 6-15.: € 1.70
  • CJP/65+ € 2.30/ €1.70.
  • MK/children 0-5 years.: FREE