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The Flying Pig Beach Hostel is only a two minute walk from the beautiful Noordwijk beach, which makes it the perfect base for your next kitesurfing break or holiday! With a south westerly wind pounding the beach, 13km of stunning shoreline to engage, and professional advice close at hand, Kitesurfers are getting a hard-on for traversing a little blue water in Noordwijk

Surfboarding lessons

Kitesurfing and Sleeping in Noordwijk, Kitesurf lessons with IKO Kitesurfing School

Do you feel like a short break and want do you to learn the most popular watersports of the time?
The Flying Pig Beach Hostel offers nice deals now in collaboration with the best IKO kitesurfing School in Noordwijk.

Introduction lesson kitesurfing

- Group lessons on the beach, in a class of 4 hours you will learn the basic techniques, safety and go into the water.
- One night accommodation in the Australian Style Beach hostel.
- A drink in the cozy surfbar of the hostel

price from € 120.00 based on a night in a Large dorm "upgrade to a smaller room is of course possible at an additional cost.

Kitesurfing equipment rental

- Per hour: € 25, -
- Per half day (4 hours): € 60, -
- Per day: € 100, -
These prices include: kite, board, harness, helmet and impact vest.

Advanced / Refresher Course

1 hour for € 65, -
2 hours for € 115, -
3 hours for € 165,

Down Winder Course

3 hours for € 125, -

Wind forecast Noordwijk

What is Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing was born in 1999, and is now the most fashionable leisure pursuit out on the water.  And with locals like Kevin Langeree ranked amongst the worlds top 5 riders the kitesurfing scene in Noordwijk is one of the most important in the world.  Head down to the beach at Noordwijk at any time of the day and you won’t fail to spot kite surfers catching some hang time as they skip over the water like turbo charged ducks!  Even if you don’t fancy having a go yourself it’s still worth getting down to the beach to take a peek at the kite surfers in action.   

If you’ve never heard of kitesurfing then the general idea is this:  Kite surfers strap their feet onto surf style boards and attach huge kites to their bodies.  The board cuts through the water like a surfboard, while the kite harnesses the power of the wind.  The moment the kite inflates the rider is hauled up and along, and by using pulleys attached to the kite he or she can begin to navigate.  The aim is to build sustained and controlled momentum along the top of the water.  In generous conditions KiteSurfers have been known to record straight line speeds of up to 50 kph, while pinnacle riders can jump well over 20 feet into the air with their boards!  Imagine a ravenous crocodile jumping out of the water to catch his lunch and you have a handle on the spectacular sight of a specialist Kite Surfer catching some big air!  Indeed.  KiteSurfing is serious stuff, and Noordwijk is as good a place as any check it out.   

Whether you are eager to progress an already advanced technique or a hostel backpacker looking to take advantage of the certified instructors from the renowned surf schools, Noordwijk is one of the premiere European locations to get your KiteSurfing fix.  If you need further advice before hiring kitesurfing equipment, or booking kitesurfing lessons, just come and have a chat with us at The Flying Pig Beach Hostel reception. 

Kite surf boarding at the BeachKite surfing lessons near The Flying PigKite and Water sports @ Noordwijk beach

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